Ski Furnishings


Folding/Shippable Adirondack Chair


5 Bottle Wine Racks (Displayed in 3 views)

Wine Racks

        Bookcase                Ski Sound Tower     Picture Frame

Table                        Key Rack

Matching Chair and Ottoman

and much more!

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Products include Adirondack chairs, ottomans, tables, benches, wine racks, picture frames, small shelves, ski sound towers, coat racks, bookcases and much more.

These water ski furnishings make great gifts and are built to last. They can be customized to your preference.

These products are the epitome of unique furnishings.  You will not only be the proud owner of a beautiful conversation piece, but you will also enjoy the flare of vintage functionality.

Fabrication Process:
Each individual ski is acquired and specifically selected for its unique qualities. The skis are then paired to maximize comfort and style. Each item is hand made using oak, stainless-steel hardware, and top-of-the-line stain and finish products. 
Outdoor pieces are coated with 3 layers of high-gloss polyurethane to protect your investment from the harshest outdoor environments and produce a brilliant shine.

Dimensions and Designs:

The latest generation of chairs are designed with folding backs to make transportation easier and to display the detail of the skis.  They are also shippable via a bicycle box (approx. 54 x 30 x 8in).
The following dimensions are approximate and can be customized.

Chair:                   50 x 40 x 34in   (H x L x W)
Folded Chair:         28 x 54 x 34in
Bench:                  19 x 70 x 14in
Wine Rack Tower:   48 x 18 x 12in
Wine Rack:            18 x 12 x 8in
Bookcase:              70 x 30 x 7in

Tables:                  26 x 22 x 22in
Key Rack:                7 x 14 x 1in
Ottomans:             18 x 40 x 22in

Prices start at:

Chairs - $599.00

Tables - $199.00

Ottomans - $199.00

Benches -  $349.00
Wine Racks - $49.00
Picture Frames - $59.00

Small Shelves - $39.00
Shelf - $79.00
Key Rack - $29.00

Bookshelf - $299.00

Ski Sound Tower - $459.00

Prices vary pending product customization and ski selection.
Shipping to all 50 states is available. 

Local pick-up/delivery is also available (US - New England - Rhode Island)

Products are available, but most are made-to-order. Rush orders require 1.5 weeks to complete from start of construction to finish.
Call Now at: (401) - 285 - 1572.

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